The Garden at Carew Manor, Beddington – 2012

, John Phillips

The 2012 Excavation

The Carshalton and District History and Archaeology Society carried out an excavation on the site of the Portioner’s house in Beddington Park, London Borough of Sutton.

The 2012 excavation showed that a house of medieval or early modern date was extended northwards in the eighteenth century, probably by the addition of a second pile to the back. The extension appears to have been of brick but the earlier building was probably timber framed and was faced in yellow painted roughcast in the late eighteenth or early nineteenth century.

There was a cellar in the southeast corner of the trench to which a passage had been added to provide access from the eighteenth century extension. Cellars were not common in medieval houses but were often added in the seventeenth century and it is likely that the Portionary cellar conforms to this pattern.

The demolition rubble included a small quantity of moulded and painted plaster, rough cast, cement render, Reigate stone, floor tile, broken wine bottles set in mortar and other material which throws light on the history and state of building.