Members’ Library

The Society has its own collection of books, papers, photographs, slides, magazines, maps and other material illustrating the history and archaeology of our area that may be consulted and sometimes borrowed. It keeps the latest periodicals of archaeological and historical interest.

These were kept within Wallington Library but unfortunately due to restructuring by the council, the society’s collection of books, magazines, maps etc. have been put into temporary storage. Members will be notified as soon as a new permanent home has been found for them. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Available publications

The following magazines and periodicals (including their most recent editions) will be available to be read in the library (not on loan) when a new home is found:

  • British Archaeology
  • Current Archaeology
  • Local History Records
  • Surrey Archaeological Society Bulletin
  • Brick Society Journal
  • Journal of the Bourne Society